History of Innovation

Beckwith Design Services (BDS), originated as a design and consulting company to the label, forms and packaging industries. BDS designed the original Fan Folder in 1983. †This unit continued to be produced by BDS until the company was sold in 1994.

In 1988 Beckwith Machines Limited (BML) was established in Cambridge, Ontario as an independent company focusing on the design and manufacturing of specialty print, coating and die cutting systems for the label, forms and packaging industries. †In 1994 BML re-entered the Fan Folder market with the designs of the B-200 and B-300, renamed to M-300 Fan Folders. †As requests grew to provide parts and service for the original BDS Fan Folders, BML decided to redesign and reintroduce this unit as the B-100.

Over time our product line evolved and expanded from Fan Folders to a full range of high performance finishing systems. Our equipment is designed to be productive with minimal product waste and downtime.

Our on-going design, custom engineering and development of innovative products and systems †are your guarantee of superior performance and cost efficiency.

We look forward to your questions and would be pleased to provide further information on your specific requirements.