Converting Units

The PR-800 and PR-900 Converters are high speed finishing converters which can be configured with various optional systems including IR and UV coating and digital imaging systems. The stand-alone units are designed to produce and finish a wide range of Die-Cut products:

  • Blank Labels
  • Form and ticket products
  • Embossing and coating of prime label products

The modular design is a combination of special units designed and produced by BECKWITH Machines Limited over the years. This allows systems to be customized to meet the customers’ exact requirements.

A wide range of accessories and options are available for the units which allow the product to be delivered in Fan Folded, Stacked Sheet or Roll format. Electronic reregistering combined with the BECKWITH Machines Limited’s Positive Length In-Feed system allows pre-printed rolls to be re-inserted for coating, imprinting, embossing and die-cutting in register.


Some options available include:

  • Re-Registering
  • Multi web unwinds
  • Butt splicers
  • Metered in-feeds
  • Turret matrix removal
  • Adhesive application
  • Coupon Folding
  • Laminating
  • UV Coating
  • Sheeting / Stacking
  • Fan Folding
  • Multi-stream Folding
  • Plow folding.
  • Turret rewinders
  • Digital Imaging