Fan Folders

The design and introduction of the first narrow web single stream fan folder in 1983 resulted in more than 200 of the B-100 (BDS) units being installed around the world.

BECKWITH Machines Limitedís decision to re-enter the Fan Folder market in 1994 with the introduction of the Model B-200 and multi-stream B-300 renamed the M-300 has resulted in some of the most advanced systems available today.

The product line evolved and expanded to twin-stream followed by multi-stream fan folders.

The B series units, designed for labels, tags, tickets and forms are able to run product delivered in single or twin streams with no ties required to hold independent slit streams together. Some models have been specifically designed to process other specialty products such as wristbands.

The M series are Multi-stream units which include shear slitting systems designed for long run production of ticket and baggage tag products. The folded streams are delivered side by side onto a single conveyor.

Available options offered for the B and M series of Fan Folders include†electronic driven change gear system and vertical stacking.

The AutoPak series of auto batching / cut-off folders include shear slitting, vertical stacking and automatic end of stack cut-off at a set count. Optional accessories such as die / cross perforating stations,† shear or crush slitting, auto re-registering and†electronic drive systems are all integrated in the initial design. Operator friendly electronic controls enable the simple entry of production settings.

Our advanced engineering design and tight manufacturing specifications result in reliable high speed production systems. The folders are built to last with exceptional accuracy and folding speeds up to 1100 folds per minute.

BECKWITH Machines Limited offers custom engineered versions of the above systems to meet your specific production requirements.

Please contact us with your requirements for further information