BECKWITH Machines Limited has developed a range of stackers available for presses from narrow web 6.5 in. (165 mm) wide to wide web of 40 in. (1,000 mm). The line varies from basic shingle stackers through to fully automatic batching stackers with accurate sheet counting, multi-streaming and interfacing with automatic packaging systems.

The STA units are shingle stacking units designed for stacking of a wide range of sheet products. Vacuum assisted units are available for short run in-mold or blanked out label products.

The STM stacking units include vertical stacking units delivering vertical stacks at accurate set count.

The STB Stacker delivers short sheeted product stacked on edge into hoppers or directly into customers’ cassette system.  Ideal applications are die-cut lids and short label or ticket products.

The STC Stacker delivers sheets face up onto either a vertical stack or shingled format and are designed for in-mould or die cut blanked out product applications. The unit is also used for waste removed label products or products with multiple perforations which do not shingle easily.

The wide range of options available for the units includes Stack Count and Separation options. Units are configured utilizing current standard components and assemblies.  Some of the options available include alternating stack placement for Form / Label combination products.

In all cases these systems can be special engineered by BECKWITH Machines Limited to meet your specific production requirements.

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